Bye bye beautiful Istanbul :(

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some extra pics

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this is not a french garden

our luxurious ride to istanbulanother luxurious ride….

working on our projects

thanx for a beautiful birthday nigth!

legs & feet

traditional water carrier

Diamond eyes II

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… we’re here sitting in the stairs outside with Neda eating spaghetti  carbonara a glass of tasty red wine and a fresh breeze caressing us … it’s full of old mans watching football in the bar in front of Depo, there’s a festive climax in Tophane tonite … the kids are with us in the courtyard they smile, dance play and one of them absolutely wants Neda’s new sun glasses ;) It’s our last night and it feels so surreal … like we’re gonna leave “home” somehow … I’m full of shaking things in my heart tonite and they are as real like this trip was for most of us probably …Bulunan Kayip * S & N  (among others…;)

I wanna be the king of Orient-AH ! :)=

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…As I could never show my nipples then I show my ass !!!  :)=

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Orient-Express/Europa und Bagdad-Bahn/Asiaseite

paar Palmen…..

a few portraits noch nachgeschoben

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Neda in action #1

Neda in action #2

nathan lees fotos

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exhition text

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