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Diamond eyes *

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Daglar Daglar

Yesterday night I couldn’t help to have “diamond eyes”… Last week Denise, Adrian, Baltazar, Martin, Magali, Jan, Thomas and Francisco left and the-E-en today Philip and Sophie …  :(

The table get smaller the tooth brush glass looks so empty but the rooms are still vibrating of their beautiful energies … We miss you guys . Alot ! This “proximity” experience was AAA-mazing … we made it  ;)=

the 3 “survivors” Neda,Yushi & Steev

time for a reflection and then, jump ! ;)

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Dis moi oui Andy !

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16.07.2010 Comments (78) Haga-Sophie

Yusi and me found what we were looking for at the archeology museum today…

16.07.2010 Comments (58) Haga-Sophie

“STATUE OF BES, half-god of inexhaustible power and strenght and the protector against evil, Cyprus”

“Column in the form of a palm tree found in Aksaray”

Neda’s Dong lecture yesterday on turtles and their magical powers

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